Sagittarius Chronicles (Because Why Not) 

From my previous blog posts you’ve probably gathered that I’m a Sag. The number one thing that Sags are always striving for is understanding and to be understood. This particular post is about being understood because we are a highly misunderstood group of people. I cribbed this from another blog ( but it had horrible grammar and vocabulary so I edited it like the kind OCD person / grammar nazi I am. Without further ado:

Do you have Sagittarius friends? If you do, you would think that they are the happiest people in this world. You are not wrong but not completely right too.

Saying that Sagittarius is the most loneliest sign on this planet sounds impossible but it is true. You will never know how the Sagittarius feels deep inside. That doesn’t mean they are bad or a liar but they just don’t like showing their emotions because they hate being tied down and they don’t like to show their weakness. They are typically the strongest sign among another zodiac signs.

Sagittarius people are born with a clown face. It means that they always smile no matter what the circumstance is; they just can’t stop smiling and laughing. Sometimes they even laugh at their mistakes and the past story that they have been through. It is not weird if you see a Sagittarius person walking alone and smiling, they are thinking about their mistakes and cannot stop laughing how stupid they are.

Yes, they always smile, and laugh but they also have a hard time thinking over and over again about something that has been killing them and they will never tell anyone. They would just keep it to themselves and let the time fade this thing away. They have a special ability to kill all the bad memories in their mind without telling anyone.

We all know that Sagittarius are good conversationalists. They have a broad mind and they can talk about anything that you want talk about. Be it science, political, religion, culture, so on; they always impress you about their knowledge toward those subject because they are born explorers. They are very talkative but will always have a hard time expressing their feelings if you ask them to tell you exactly how they feel. That’s why they seem to be lonely most of the time because they don’t really share their feelings with people, even their family.

But they have one special partner to share how they feel and what do they think, and that partner is themselves. They always talk to themselves when they are alone. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that they have a mental problem but they always reflect on the problem. They are sure that their problem has nothing to do with other people and they think that only they can solve it by themselves. Though they like to solve their own problems, you will also find that they like to help solve other people’s problems. They were basically born this way.


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