Restitution : A Tale of Conjugation

This is going to start like any other cliché post about sapiosexuals and then taper off into the land of unknown fappage, of verb induced boners. I think. Anyway.

The previous paragraph?  Yeah I wrote that a year ago, in fact, this post has been in my drafts for almost two years. The title came to me but the content remained ambiguous till now. Probably will be but what the hell, writing is finicky like that.

So reader, since my various angst posts and not so obscure dissatisfaction with the world, what have I been up to? The answer is, everything and nothing. I’m currently freaking out because the one thing I was decent at is slipping through my fingers.

I want to write everything in my soul, spill everything that’s within and not give a flying fuck of the repercussions but after couple of years of being in the very adult world, (three years after graduating uni)ws_Vanishing_smoke_1680x1050 I’ve somewhat reverted to a polite shit taker who asks for seconds when served with a steaming pile of fecal existence. I apologise no, fuck that, I’m done with my silence and taking the high road or compromising or sacrificing sections of myself for other’s comfort. I’m not saying I’ll become a raging bitch and disregard everyone else and their feelings but I’m done on compromising mine. Let me tell you something, the high road is rarely taken because it’s full of potholes.

Also, Monster Energy shorts my circuits in a good way.


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