Cold Fire

I am esoteric and intricate
Default attitude toward me is to castigate
And to be considered a reprobate
No one helps me get vindicated

There’s so much pressure from both sides
I have lost my true identity
Suffocating as the true me hides
I can’t remember my propensity

I have been taught asperity
Been told to shun empathy
I have been told to strive for prosperity
Emotion and interaction have been shown apathy

Secrets in me are screaming for release
Who do I tell? There’s no one to trust
Trust led me to lack peace
That I am yet to retrieve and put in the past.

I am tired of living
I am thankful of God’s knowledge of life
Ever since birth, all I have done is grieving
I am not wanted, I cause strife

I am confused, I do not know what to do
I am in a dark mire
It is my life I rue
And I am consumed by cold fire.

©Immortal Illusion


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