The Beautiful Human (Deathly Kiss)

AN: Hey, so I’m gonna be posting some poetry i used to write back when I was an angsty human *self deprecating smirk* and hopefully I’ll kickstart my writing bug again.  The stuff is in me but I can’t seem to bring myself to put it out there. Bear with me, my writing style has greatly changed since then so this and other coming posts will reflect my fledgeling content. Anyway, onward…

The wind was howling and it was a dark night
My footsteps echoed in the empty street
Everything was bleak; cast in a dim light
Little did I know it was my soul I’d meet.

Suddenly you appeared to me
Such a beautiful human with eyes of jade
With a haunting voice like the sirens of the sea
And a dark aura that made the light fade.

You said, “Breathe your life into me,
Don’t you see it’s you I desire?
And then I’ll come to be
Taking you higher and filling your soul with fire.”

Your voice had dark undertones
That confused and inundated my mind
The sinister overtones
Held my conscious mind in a bind.

In your eyes I saw a dark endless abyss
There was something that seemed to pull me in
My mind got clouded and I became remiss
As I burned in the effigy of your sin.

The beautiful human was ugly and dark
Possessing a heart of hematite
With a soul that was black
And in your iron fist you held me tight.

I tried to break free but I sunk deeper
A cold blade was in my heart
You had become my soul’s keeper
Everything went black as i experienced great hurt.

When I came to, I was alone and in a daze
I didn’t know who I was but I had a cause
A new power flowed through me; a new phase
One that would last forever because I had made time pause

I looked at my reflection on a window
A beautiful human with eyes of jade looked back.


©Immortal Illusion

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