Bitch Defined

Not since Lilith has a woman been so tempting
With a mouth designed for sin
That gets you to thinking of attempting
To decipher those sultry eyes that draw you in

Flames that beckon in her eyes
Start a slow burn in the pit of your stomach
Making you release sighs
Because she’s worthier than a monarch

Like Hellen of Troy, many will battle for her
At the utterance of a single word
From others you want her far
No one can capture her, the free bird

Sinuous movement and quick flex of hips
Lustful thoughts are released with ease
A mouth that speaks foreplay, you want to take a sip
To slake the thirst you will never appease

She effortlessly traps you like a clever witch
And whispers truths that are lies
She’s’ what you call a bitch
Destruction via imply.

©Immortal Illusion


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