About Those Boxers…

I found the following individuals to be succinct on the topic of women dressing in men’s clothing; don’t even need to add anything:

“Never for one second while wearing men’s clothing or any other type of clothing, do I feel like I want to be a man. There is nothing about becoming a heterosexual man that is in any way appealing to me. I wear ‘men’s clothing’ because I like the aesthetic. I feel
sexier in a button-down and a bow-tie than I ever have in a dress. I am drawn to men’s clothing because it allows me to be in control of how my body and person are perceived.
In men’s clothing, no one has visual ownership of my curves, breasts, behind, or any other part of my body. (Why do we have to gender items of clothing so hard anyway?) Like calm
down everyone, the world isn’t going to spin out of the galaxy. They’re just clothes.” – Gabrielle Rivera

“What makes a men’s shirt a men’s shirt and not a women’s shirt? What exactly is the difference? If it’s the cut, shouldn’t I shop for what cut fits my body best? So if I choose a shirt that’s cut to fit my body best, and it happens to be from the J. Crew men’s department, does that mean I’m trying to make the world believe I’m a man?
No. It means I choose to wear clothing that fits my body the way I was born. What makes a tie or a bowtie ‘men’s’? Is it because historically they were only worn by men? Historically we also wore wool bathing suits! Historically doesn’t matter anymore. Ties don’t belong to men. Ties are an accessory–just like a scarf, watch or belt–that don’t have a gender. Once you de-gender-ize clothing, all you see is a person.” – LK Weiss

Plus, boxers are comfy.


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