Rosewater and Coconut Oil

It’s cold. The appropriate weather for this post I warrant.

The scent was prevalent in the air, tickled my nose and senses into awareness. I groggily opened my eyes and found my mouth smooshed up against her left cheek. There was a patch of drool on it too. Oops I gingerly wiped it off so as to not disturb her sleep. Her mouth was slightly open and her chest rose and fell gently with every breath she took. Her skin smelt like sleep and rosewater. I stealthily pushed my nose into her hair and snorted in the scent of the coconut oil product she used. I looked to see if my snuffling had woken her up. It had. She stared at me for a few seconds before leaning forward and licking the side of my cheek.

My face impassive I asked, “Marmozets or Modern Day Escape?”
“Marmozets”, she replied in a sleepy cuddly voice. “Also, why’d you stop sniffing my hair? Resume.”

With that said, she rolled onto me and positioned her head below my chin.




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