In the moment between night and daylight my consciousness took a walk and happened upon a mysterious land of unerring vicissitudes, where you were both life and death, love and hate, sex and abstinence, innocence and cynicism, passion and ambivalence, hope and despair, sickness and health.

We came together, united in a song understood by the whispers of the leaves and the mutterings of the wind. Your sighs fell upon my skin like soft rain and your essence seeped into my bloodstream where it swam with lazy decadence and reigned supreme over my viscera.

Winding steadily through assumptions permutation was as inevitable as the changing weather. Still we clung onto our idyllic utopia, frolicking through waves of ambrosia and drowning in waters of bliss. Imbibing your virtue sated my hunger of consuming you, mutually we absorbed each other’s entirety; we mixed and became immiscible to outside currents that dared to dissolve our union.

My amorphous lover of phantom kisses and fleeting caresses. Permanently temporary are the form of your enticing promises. A veritable Botticelli Venus with hair like the sun and eyes like summer solstice. A convenience of complications with curves that could cripple any living being. Inamorata agonia.

©Immortal Illusion


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