Scarlet Letter (Soured Affection)

Am I the razor blade that cuts into your soft fleshy skin?
Slitting your veins open to glimpse that mysterious liquid
That pulses with putrid falsities
And throbs with wanton depravity

Yes, you bled your insanity into revelation
And your life force tasted acrid
Litres of twisted thoughts fought to drip out
Congealing into feculent, distended clots of animosity

Serpentine trickle down thy wrist
To the tips of your fingers
Where I could glimpse my agony in the droplets
Reflecting scarlet as they hit the ground

The self-aggravating incision
Gushed forth the full scale of decadence
Submerging me in a sea of rancour
Cutting off my breath of indolence

Hope of resurfacing; an indulgent rumour
To your brutish tides I had already succumbed
Charmed by your tyranny on my persona
Subject to the actions of a sublime despot

The liquid filled my ears, nose and mouth
Its metallic tang echoing in my throat;
Slithering through my arteries
Suffocating any effort to rebel against the invasion.


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