What is this that makes me drown in my own skin?
Rendering me lachrymose,
Seducing me to a blank state of being,
A permanent repose

Caressing me with whispers of a drugged haze
Lashing out to escape a mental maze
Sweet assault so dour
An embrace of infinite power

Soft lips of cancer,
Like a lover in the throes of passion
Enticing my fading vitality
A kiss that absorbs my soul

I pledge my being to melancholy,
Singing its acrimonious melody,
Professing its suffocating adoration.
Reveling in its numbing affection

Shadow curls like cigarette smoke
Too fast for me to capture,
Fleeting hope, joyous angst
A demanding paramour of lies

Wear the mask then,
Dance with the beautiful woman
Whisper your essence to her
Live the deception one more time

Melancholia I cannot escape your clutches
When you are done I will be ashes
Cold, lifeless, a suitable necrosis
Blowing away into merciful oblivion.

©Immortal Illusion


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