Delilah Incarnate

I think she liked the fact that I paid her a lot of attention; that I was willing to tell her what she wanted to hear and do for her what she wanted to be done. Fuck if I knew whether her feelings for me were genuine. She probably got off the thought of how gullible I was. It started out small like all other disasters do. Little requests here and there; which upon fulfilling, I’d be lavished with praise that hinted at more than admiration and gratitude. Before I knew it the bitch had her claws buried so deep inside me that attempting to remove them would result in pain akin to excoriation. I could barely recognise the creature I was turning into…stalking her facebook wall, watching out for potential competition for her affections and catering to her every whim lest she fell into a bad mood. Obsession is a dangerous state of mind; infatuation even more so. I knew that I wasn’t in love with her but she had this disgusting control over me. It was like being a willing rape victim. If I were to use a song to describe her, it would either be Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry or Eat You Alive by Limp Bizkit. Yeah, she literally sucked out my soul like a modern day succubus. I just don’t see why she had to destroy my trust in humanity along the way too. Now I’m stuck here with this anger that shifts and roils inside me like a living thing. I can barely contain it inside, the pressure is making my ears ring and my head spin. My body finally gives up and spews my stomach contents. There on the floor lays a veritable amount of vomit. I’d almost say it is a bastardized version of her.


5 thoughts on “Delilah Incarnate

      1. well i debated with writing a sort of a sequel but i liked where i’d ended it. however, i’m writing a companion piece to it called lilith


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