Poison (Requiescat In Pacé)

The love you give me is so fractious
That it causes my my heart to fracture.
I thought we’d share rapture
Instead you caused me to rupture.

A bed of roses is full of thorns
I found out when you showed your horns
Insidious nature finally revealed
Caused my feelings to be concealed.

Help me forget today and remember tomorrow
Where moments aren’t defined by sorrow.
Memories of a pain-filled yesterday
Join in the endless mental fray.

Broken hearts have cracks on the surface
Nothing can fix not even a purchase
Time doesn’t heal all wounds; it makes you forget
Until it all comes back; a life time of regret.

I feel your poison inundate my system
Fracturing my thoughts like light through a prisim
Though it’s toxic I love the feeling
It invokes in me a carthaic healing.

The cold creeps in; robs me of my breath
And spreads across my body with incredible stealth
My soul is escaping the confines of mortality
As I draw my last breath of totality.

©Immortal Illusion


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