Narcissistic Tendencies (Chapter 3)

Amy Lee got a lot of flack for sharing the same name with a famous rock musician. Sure, she couldn’t belt out a jaw dropping note, but she liked to think she was as badass as her musical namesake. Well at least without the heavy drug use and massive amounts of therapy. Besides she did not need a shrink to decipher the shit that went through her mind when she even couldn’t even do it herself. What she needed however, was to figure out what was going on between Melanie and Andrea. Other people may have been oblivious to the tension between them, but Amy saw through their façades.

The cryptic conversations and smouldering glances the two often exchanged aroused her curiousity. Hell, it aroused her period. It was like watching two alpha females performing the Paso Doble with the aim of establishing dominance. She couldn’t figure out if they wanted to fight or fuck. She was pretty sure they’d get off on either. The only thing that was stopping them was each other. She thought that something would happen at that impromptu blunt fest at Melanie’s last week but Andrea backed down at the last moment.

Ok, yeah she followed them and eavesdropped on their conversation but you couldn’t blame her. She was bored, stoned and horny. Bad combination for all parties involved. In any case, the two were too wrapped up in each other to pay attention to their surroundings. Their double entendre filled conversation made her head hurt. Only they would refer to their mind fuckery as tango and how it only took one to mess up their dance. Amy was getting tired of their pussy-footing around each other. It was time for some action. Amy Lee style. Plus she totally wanted to see them get their mack on.

Alcohol, weed, dim lighting and loud music would be the perfect setting for her plan.
She took out her phone and began phase one of her plan. ‘Hey Andrea, how does a white widow and purple haze party sound to you this weekend?’


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