Slowly you slip through my fingers
The taste of you still lingers.
I’m rendered useless, you’re now independent
Because your heart got a new tenant

Love is a four letter word for mind fuck
Used to think that I was bad luck
Turns out its your heart that’s black
And one day it will stab you in the back.

I can’t take the high road, its under construction
After you subjected it to sadistic destruction
Love to hate and hate to love you
You should have been a thought that never came true.

Your crap was such a heavy load to carry,
Even more so when you made me hurry.
Still i carried it ’cause i loved you
Till you dumped it as me and left me blue.

I deposited my soul in your bank
Believing it would gain interest
Instead it depreciated
Causing me the biggest loss ever.

If I can remember grace
I’ll certainly forget your face
Maybe I’ll find life
Because you are death.

©Immortal Illusion


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