Draconian Creature

I see hell in your eyes
Seeing you makes me die inside
You are where evil resides

With your cold sensuality
You try all arts of seduction
You stop even not at immorality
With all of your macabre actions

Your voice has an insidious undertone
Eyes are blacker than hematite
Actions silky and you are alone
A creature rivaling the darkest night

A cold, empty shell you are
You define jaded
Your work is to marr
And leave people faded

You are evil’s epitome
A miasma of degenerates
To you, no home
You are worse than a reprobate

In your presence beauty withers and dies
With no soul your corruption goes deep
I can hear the tormented echoes and cries
Of those in your vice-like grip

©Immortal Illusion


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