Fire Lust

I took fire and hugged it close
It burned my flesh, made me comatose
Was it better than what you did?
It is liquid fire that you made me bleed.

Felt like I was caressing the sun
I couldn’t move, I couldn’t run
As I burned the flames began to flay,
My skin in the pure light of day.

Still I brought it closer to me
I still wanted to feel, you see
I couldn’t remember ’cause you killed my soul
Leaving me with an emotionless hole.

The yearning grew, so did the hole
Eventually it became an endless abyss
I could not repalce what was stole
I gave up; I was remiss.

Fire lust, I yearn for your kiss
I’ve never felt more than this
As my essence rises from the funeral pyre,
I remember your embrace of fire.

©Immortal Illusion


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