Narcissistic Tendencies (Chapter 1)

Narcissistic Tendencies


Chapter 1


There it was again, eyeing me with malevolent glee. When I stretched my hand towards the blunt being handed in my direction, its black beady eyes tracked the movement. Fuck.

I really hate that cat.

“That cat hates me,” I say to no one in particular

“And weed makes you paranoid,” retorted Erica.

Ah Erica. Never hesitated to give somebody; anybody really, a piece of her mind via her acerbic tongue. Actually weed brought forward my introspective nature but I didn’t bother correcting her for the sake of maintaining my sanity and enjoying my high.

I took a hit and held it in my lungs for almost a minute before blowing out a smoke ring. I smirked as I remembered the various ways I had tried to master that particular trick. It’s amazing what can be achieved under immense pressure…

“Stop hogging the blunt bitch,” bit out Amy from my right.

I passed it on and sat back against the wall trying to prolong the head rush that was currently sweeping through my brain. I closed my eyes and thought about how I’d ended up here. I had vowed to keep my distance for a while; she confused me immensely. The intricate working of her mind; so similar to mine had drawn me in. Constantly dancing around each other, revealing and hiding intentions at the same time, purposefully misconstruing meanings just to further the mind fuck we found ourselves participating in. I was tired of it. Sooner or later, one of us was going to slip up and I had a nagging feeling that I would be the one to fall into the deep pit of our twisted emotions. So I stepped back and attempted to strengthen my defences. So much for trying. It was a valiant effort until I stepped off the bus this afternoon. All my supposed hard work crumbled into the illusion it really was. There she was, always appearing at the most random yet relevant places. Fate and destiny had a baby named karma and it was walking towards me.

The first thing I noticed was her eyes. They lit up when they met mine and then quickly became unreadable. I internally sighed. Looked like we were doing the tango today.

“Fancy meeting you here,” she drawled while gazing at me intently. Damn it. I could not read her at all.

“You’re the one stalking me,” I replied flippantly.

An upward quirk of her mouth betrayed her amusement. Before she could reply to my remark, her best friend came over and engulfed me in a hug. Something resembling apprehension flashed quickly through her eyes before they became unfathomable again. We ended up going to her place to blunt. So much for my drug free day.

“We’re such derailers, where were you headed to?” asked her best friend.

“Uh, I was just going for Battle of the Bands, but rest assured I don’t mind arriving stoned Cheryl,” I replied.

Which brought me to my current situation; sitting up against the wall in her bedroom, trying to prolong my high.


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